What is Uploaded?

Uploaded is online cloud filehost provider where you can upload, backup, store and share all your files with your friends and family or with whole web.
Uploaded Premium link generators uses Uploaded premium accounts to convert your Uploaded links to HTTP direct links.
Who can use Uploaded?
Uploaded is online for all users! You can use it for free, but with Uploaded premium account you will get lot benefits!

Uploaded Free Premium Link Generators

Max File Size Bandwidth Max N° of Files
01 AlemdarLeech 3GB N/A N/A
02 BigSpeeds 1GB 2GB 5 links/day
03 BirdLoad N/A N/A 5 links at once
04 CBoxEra 700MB 3GB 1 link/5 mins
05 CBoxPremiumLeech 800MB 20GB 1 link/3 mins
06 CocoLeech N/A 1GB 10 links/day
07 Debrid.me (unstable) 10GB 10GB 1 link/min
08 Debrideco 2GB N/A 10 links/day
09 DebridIt 600MB N/A 3 links/day
10 DeepBrid (offline) 1.5GB 20GB 4 files/day
11 EXRapidLeech 909MB N/A 4 links/day
12 FakirDebrid 800MB 30GB 2 links/10 mins
13 GenerateAll 1GB 1GB N/A
14 GetIDN 3GB 30GB 1 link/3 mins
15 HubTurkey 3GB 3GB N/A
16 HyperSpeeds 1GB 1GB 2 links/day
17 JetLeech 1GB N/A N/A
18 Leech1s 700MB 10GB 1 link/5 min
19 Leech360 2GB 20GB 1 link/2 min, 50GB/day
20 Leech3s 2GB N/A N/A
21 LeechAll 2GB N/A 3 files/day
22 LeechGear N/A N/A N/A
23 LeechPremium Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (just don't spam)
24 LinkLeech Less than 1GB N/A N/A
25 MegaLeech 250MB N/A N/A
26 OnLeech 2GB 5GB 2 links/5 mins
27 Prem.link N/A 5GB 10GB/day
28 Premium-Uploaded N/A 300MB (up to 3GB) Unlimited
29 Premiumify N/A 512MB N/A
30 PublichLeech 1GB N/A N/A
31 RapidGrab 2GB 200GB 50 links/day
32 Reevown 1GB 1GB/hour Unlimited
33 ShareDir 500MB 500MB Unlimited
34 SpaceLeech (pass : alonebuthappy40) 2GB 100GB 100 files/day
35 TotalDebrid (unstable) 10GB N/A N/A
36 Tout-Debrid 1GB 1GB N/A
37 UploadedPLG N/A 600MB N/A
38 UploadedPremiumLink N/A 5GB N/A
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